Les Acteur de L'Ombre - INTERVIEW-2

Meet Gérald from the label Les Acteurs de L’Ombre

We met Gérald Milani, manager of the French label Les Acteurs L'Ombre focusing on black metal, extreme metal and underground. He explains everything about LADLO and its programming.

Campaign For Musical Destruction 2020

Campaign for Musical Destruction 2020 @Trix

Sunday evening, I braved the storm and faced the weather to go to the Antwerp Trix to attend the Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour 2020 gathering BAT, Rotten Sound, Misery Index and Napalm Death.


Meeting Léon from Antiq Records

We had the opportunity to interview Léon, label manager of the French label Antiq. We invite you to take a look at their catalog. We promise you plenty of rich musical discoveries.


SETH celebrates 20 years of blasphemy

The French black metal band SETH celebrates the 20th anniversary of their album "Les Blessures de l'Âme". I take you to their world with an interview of Heimoth.

SCD - interview

SCD’s Misleading Weapons at MassDeathtruction 2019

At MassDeathtruction 2019, I met and interviewed Seb, singer of the French "Death Grind" band Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (SCD). I offer you an interview around the band and their musical inspirations, all this interspersed with a few anecdotes from Seb.

Brutal Sphincter - interview

Our 5 rising stars: Brutal Sphincter

For some time now, they have been getting more and more attention. We interviewed for you Spermain from Brutal Sphincter, a Belgian Goregrind band who was awarded a place at the famous Hellfest festival, how did they get there? Spermain tells us everything in this interview.

Imperium Dekadenz - Interview

Authenticy, one word for Imperium Dekadenz

During the Night Fest Metal X, I had the opportunity to meet Vespasian, Horaz and the guys from Vagsheim representing the live line up of Imperium Dekadenz. The band was at that moment on tour to present and defend their latest album "When We Are Forgotten" which proposes a more intimate approach than before. Leaving their historical background behind, Imperium Dekadenz goes deeper into emotions and intimaticy without forgetting their authencity.

Brutality Over Belgium - interview (6)

Meeting Will from Brutality Over Belgium

This time, we propose you an interview of the Belgian concert organization Brutality Over Belgium with whom we have the pleasure to collaborate.

Report Night Fest X - Saor

Following the forgotten paths with Saor

During the Night Fest X, we met and interviewed Andy Marshall, the mastermind behind the band Saor. If you want to know more about the band, read this interview.

Report Night Fest X - bandeau

Night Fest Metal X: Let there be black !

For its tenth edition, the Night Fest has filled the room of l'Entrpôt in Arlon. Want to know more about this dark evening? So read!