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Metal Overload is a project borned on July 2018 with a 5 people team.
Its name is from the expression “to have a music overload” describing the feeling we feel when we are in front of a big amount of appealing sounds that we don’t know what to listen.

Our webzine is unique by its internal management : we are amateurs and we did this webzine by passion which involve that the members write exclusively on bands and events they like or are interested by.
Except this way of work less productive compared to others, some organizers and promoters already gave us their trust and was satisfied of what we did. Among them, we are proud to cite : the Hellfest, the Durbuy Rock Festival, the Lokersen Feesten, Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records, etc …

2020 hurt us really bad like a lot of people but we are back for a future full of hope with a team more motivated than ever !

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