No monsters in PORN’s eyes

An interview with Philippe Deschemin aka Mr Strangler, singer of the band PORN where we will mainly talk about "No Monsters In God's Eyes", their new album.

Ye Banished Privateers declared Hostis Humani Generis

Ye Banished Privateers declared Hostis Humani Generis

If you like drinking rum, singing like a pirate and scream "Walk the plank!" when your friends has made a not funny joke : Ye Banished Privateers is made for you! Magda Malvina Märlprim answers our questions and talked about "Hostis Humani Generis".

Wind Rose

Wintersaga, the dwarf universe of Wind Rose

Wintersaga, the new album of Wind Rose was released on September 27th. Francesco, the singer of the band answered our questions.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head : a band from the new wave of British Heavy Metal

Today, Brian and Rasmus from Diamond Head answer our questions about their new album, their career and the integration of Rasmus in the band.

Bare Teeth

Bare Teeth: the globetrotting punks

The globe-trotting punk band, Bare Teeth, talks about their split with 3 other bands from around the world and their tour in Taiwan.


Become a Shadows thanks to Shaârghot!

What would a mix between a universe like Fallout and metal music? Shaârghot! Brun'o Klose, the guitarist, answers our questions!

Balls Out

Sex, cars and rock’n’roll with Balls Out

Sony of Balls Out answers our questions at the Hellfest 2019 with a lot of humor about her band, their albums and their news.


A new start for Dagoba

At Hellfest 2019, Werther and Ritch from Dagoba tell us about Black Nova and their tour in China, from which they had just returned 36 hours earlier!

Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry introduces you to Maori culture in music

Alien Weaponry: an intelligent mix between Maori and English singing with good metal that stains! The lyrics are directly inspired by their story.


A point on FM tours and the 30 years of Tough It Out

We take a look at the various FM tours as well as the one organized for 30 years of Tough It Out: The Big 3-0 Tour with Gun and Dan Reed Network.