Live Report : Cellar Darling + Kassogtha – Paris – 17.04.22

Live Report : Cellar Darling + Kassogtha – Paris – 17.04.22

Cellar Darling and Kassogtha, two bands coming straight from Switzerland, shared the stage of the O'Sullivans Backstage in Paris for an eclectic evening. It was on April 17th, I was there, I tell you about it.

Noise on stage

Noise On Stage – Le Tetris 26.02.22 – Live Report

The last weekend of February, I was in Le Havre, in France, for a 100% female rock night organised by the New Noise association. And as it was crazy, I thought I had to tell you about it.

Live Report : Cellar Darling + Kassogtha – Paris – 17.04.22

Black Cosmic Elements, a first success for Aran Angmar

To end the year on a high note, I offer you a review of one of my favourites of 2021, Black Cosmic Elements, the first album by Aran Angmar.


Animal, the mutation of Persona

Persona makes a surprising comeback at the end of the year with a third album entitled Animal. I had the opportunity to discover it a few days before its release.


Back to the first live streaming of Jades

The Jades Girls Band from Ile-de-France tried live streaming to start 2021. Here is a live report on this concert in exceptional conditions in the premises of Newlock-Regietek.

Max Goemaere Chloé JazzySnake

Chloé, Max, and their drums stories …

A second cross interview to discover this time two drummers : Chloé "JazzySnake" (Jades, Up Trio, Kat Galie) and Max Goemaere (Death Structure, Drumlive Academy).


Cruising with Orkhys and Remember the Light

A live report on the very first concert of the band Orkhys at the Antipode barge (Paris), accompanied for the occasion by Remember the Light.

Shadow Pussies Live Lille

Shadow Pussies : Last Party before the End of the World

En mars dernier avaient lieu les derniers concerts du monde « d’avant ». Depuis, les choses ont changé. Je profite aujourd’hui de ma double casquette rédactrice/bassiste des Shadow Pussies pour vous proposer un Covid-Safe-Live-Report vu de l’intérieur.

Live Report : Cellar Darling + Kassogtha – Paris – 17.04.22

Explicit Human Porn comes out of the shadows with “In Excexx”

In Excexx, the first opus of the French industrial metal group Explicit Human Porn.

Live Report : Cellar Darling + Kassogtha – Paris – 17.04.22

Fafa & Crypp : dear bassists …

First edition of the Cross Interview with two French bassists : Fafa (Monolyth) and Crypp (Except One, Explicit Human Porn). We discover their universes ...