It’s back to school time! The festival season is over, and we’re back in venues for a new season.
Free Fridays also returned to the Covent Garden in Eragny, near Paris, on September 16. Three bands in a great venue, and admission is free. On the program that evening, I discovered three all-female groups with very different styles. Nothing But Real opens the evening with an energetic rock sound. Punchy riffs, groove and powerful vocals – that’s what this quartet has to offer. Giant Fragments follows for a first concert with their new singer. A radical change of atmosphere, here it’s growl at will, headbang and jerky rhythms, in short, metal in all its splendor. Finally, in the last part of the evening, ODC return to the stage after a two-year absence. Still metal, but in a more progressive mood.
An eclectic evening for this reprise. Far from the “metal with female vocals” evenings I’ve often come across (and enjoyed), this Free Friday enabled me to discover three excellent bands who each gave their all in front of a rather dense and receptive audience.