Go to Luxembourg this time (a very distant land for the Belgian I am). Death fans from the surrounding area gathered on Saturday, February 29th at the Rock Box, an iconic venue of the region offering diverse musical evenings.

Once the entrance (which looks like a nightclub) has passed, once the small wooden staircase has been climbed and once the welcome stamp has been placed on my hand, I find myself in a beautiful little room, halfway between an attic and a saloon. As usual, everyone is accustomed to the bar and everyone seems to know each other. The atmosphere is excellent.

The almost two hours of travel make me arrive late and I unfortunately miss three quarters of the Theophagist concert.

Kraton begins, proposing a fierce and controlled death. The band offers a precise set, with a high and sometimes heavy atmosphere (the band says they want to invite the spectators to a reflection on the human condition). Wink to the drummer, whose energy is dripping from her cymbals! Kraton definitely signs my discovery of this evening.


It’s Infected’s turn to climb on stage. I’ve always tended to say that bands that just looked like a bunch of school buddies wouldn’t go far. But in the case of Infected, we’re dealing with a bunch of dudes made up of talented musicians! If in some bands we look for cohesion, fun and sometimes even a smile, with Infected, we are inundated with brotherhood and joy. You can tell yourself that the singer sometimes misses a bit of seriousness, but is that really a problem?

The band, composed of musicians with other projects (Coalition, Ardenne Heavy, etc.) offers an interesting mix of thrash/ death/ groove, which works very well and I liked it very much. The audience too !


Back forced, I will not have the opportunity to see Desdemonia again, which I had discovered at the Metaldays 2019 and which had left me a great impression.

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Valentine Cordier