Possessed is one of the bands at the origin of death metal. The band had been gone for almost two decades and returned in the spring of 2019 with their album “Revelations Of Oblivion“. What a pleasure to finally see them live and what an incredible show with a lot of classics like “The Exorcist” or “Tribulation” but also a lot of new titles like the opener “No More Room In Hell”.


Vapor is a band from Northern California, formerly known as VX36. They mix thrash and speed metal with a new type of vocals and drums. Their latest album “Mass Mortality” was released in early 2023.

What a great live band! I had the opportunity to do an interview with the band which will be published soon.

Stoic Suffering

Stoic Suffering fired up the night, the progressive electro-deathcore band from Seattle combines progressive rhythms with heart touching vocals and plenty of energy on stage.

Matt Miller

The evening was opened by Matt Miller, who also plays guitar at Stoic Suffering. The producer, engineer and songwriter offered a first part of progressive and technical death metal.