Review Oldd WVRMS

Track list:

  1. Ténèbres
  2. A l’or, aux ombres et aux abîmes
  3. Misère & Corde
  4. La vallée des tombes
  5. Fléau est son âme

Want to buy Codex Tenebris ?

Codex Tenebris is the name of the new EP of the Belgian band Oldd Wvrms.

First, the name of the album fits very well because the song are indeed imbued with darkness, heaviness. Throughout the listening you feel the “darkness” that weights on you and lurks in the shadow.

Musically speaking, it’s very good. During an interview, the members of the band explained to me that they had chosen to stop singing, which in their opinion served the music. I have also listened to their previous two opus “Ignobilis” and “Ritae” and I can agree that stopping to sing was not a bad idea.

To continue the “comparison” between their three albums, I would say that I love them all as much as the others but for different reasons. No matter which one you choose, Oldd Wvrms’ leitmotiv remains the same, do things thoroughly, cleanly and correctly and you feel it.

To sum things up, if you love local quality products, Codex Tenebris is for you. If like me, you like to travel, to be transported to the depths of your soul when you listen to music, you must absolutely listen to Codew Tenebris but also to the rest of Oldd Wvrms’ discography.