What is Drakwald?

Marc: We are a death melo-folk band that was created in the years 2011-2012. As we went along, we evolved. What do you want to know more?

How do you handle the death melodic combination with the folk side?

Thibaud: It’s influenced by what we listen to.

Marc: Yes, and that’s an evolution actually.  In the beginning, it was more folk oriented and in fact, gradually, we turned to the death melodic things. It’s a bit of a challenge to mix these two worlds to make it a coherent whole.

How do you manage the sound of folk instruments in live?

Thibaud: the flute is more complicated than the bagpipe which is electro-acoustic. In the past, it was an acoustic bagpipe and it was very very complicated. Today, for the flute, the most important thing is to warn the sound engineer so that he can provide enough material to sound us. We have always survived so far.

Marc: We’re getting used to it so it’s not really a problem anymore.

Hellfest in 2018, how was it?

Marc: It was good, the tent was full. There were thousands of people.

Thibaud: It was really a great experience. We opened the festival on Friday morning, already we had the pressure to play first and we expected the tent to be half full as usual at that time. When we saw the tent fill up we started to get nervous.

Marc: since it’s during the day, we can see all the people.

What did you get out of this experience?

Thibaud: I think that brought us people who did not know us and who discovered us at Hellfest. So that brought public and additional notoriety. After that, it’s hard to measure because we’ve done very few shows since Hellfest because we are preparing a new album so we do not want to tour too much. Here are some people who told us tonight that they saw us at Hellfest and they came back on purpose to see us.

Marc: Actually the Hellfest, it brought people us for sure but on one side it is also our goal to play more and more in festivals. We noticed that during this period we had peaks of listening and so on. In the future we would like to repeat the experience. This was a first step.

What do you plan for 2019?

Thibaud: We would like to release an album before the end of the year. We are about to do the preprods, etc. to be able to launch this album. For the moment we are still in the creative phase but we would like to release this before the end of the year.

What do you think of small organizations like the Damned Soul Fest 2?

Thibaud: We think it’s important because we only started with small concerts. Here it is a small festival not a small concert where you arrive, you plug and you play.

Marc: This is already a medium-sized festival. For us a small concert is a bar with a few people at the front.

Playing in Belgium, how is it ?

Marc: It is easier to find dates in France but our goal is to export because we started to tour around France and we would like to offer our music elsewhere in Europe and it is not easy.

Thibaud: Let’s say we did concerts in twenty cities in France, and once you’ve made the twenty largest cities in France, you’ve seen it all. The idea is to go abroad to reach a different audience, to meet other people. It’s a bit like starting from the bottom once again but it’s also interesting to export. We went to Belgium, Germany and we discover our music to other people.

How are you welcomed in Belgium ?

Marc: In the northern countries we were not disappointed. We did a concert in Germany a while ago, almost at the border of Denmark, and we loved the atmosphere there was. I do not know if it’s because we go more and more up north but for now the concerts we did abroad were great.

Thibaud: After that, it is also a challenge for us because outside France, people do not know us even if the Hellfest allowed us to export ourselves. And it’s a bit of a challenge to arrive in front of an audience that we do not know and we want to try to convince with our music.

How is the local scene in France?

Thibaud: So it’s pretty complicated. Small organizations have a lot of trouble organizing concerts because there are few venues. Places to perform are expensive to rent. And it was easier to play and organize concerts in bars about ten years ago. Today as soon as you want to organize a concert it becomes complicated because the rooms are less numerous, the laws evolve.

Marc: The allowed volume is lower and lower, so that badly insulated or not planned rooms can no longer play groups. After a big festival there’s no problem but hey it’s not accessible to everyone.

What could we do to make the local scene better ?

Marc: I thank organizations that do not have anything special in return but that continue to organize. I find it cool on principle but give them a solution and more, I have no idea there like that immediately.

A last word for our readers ?

Thibaud: To those who already know us, thank you for following us and supporting us because it is thanks to you that we are here today. To those who do not know us and who want to discover a different folk metal, a little more aggressive, a little darker etc, go and have a look.

Marc: Thank you to those who follow us and thank you to those who come from far away sometimes to see us. It’s cool to see that there are people who really hang on. And for the people who discover us, listen to the latest albums and wait for the next one that should be pretty good too.

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